Treating Bone destructive disease with hearing loss of Jahra Nuder

Jahra Nuder, an 8 years old female child came to ENT Consultant Dr Mohammad Nasimul Jamal on 18 January 2017 with the complaints of ear ache and suspected hearing loss in left ear. She had a history of Adeno-tonsillectomy with right Myringotomy operation on 2014. After proper investigations and evaluation, she was diagnosed as a case of Cholesteatoma – a bone destructive disease with 45 db hearing loss in left ear and advised to undergo Left Mastoid surgery.
Jahra underwent Left Attico-Antrostomy with Ossicular reconstruction operation on 22 January 2017. During operation Cholesteatoma found in attic region, extending to additus. Cholesteatoma sac along with granulation tissue removed meticulously. Maleus was absent, long process of incus was found eroded but stapes was intact. Incus was reshaped and placed over stapes. Chochal cartilage graft was used to reconstruct attic and meatal wall. Chorda tympani nerve was preserved and temporalis fascia graft placed to repair the ear drum gap. Immediate hearing improvement was observed after 14 postoperative days. The postoperative hearing test revealed normal hearing in the left ear.

Photo of Jahra

Till date she is enjoying healthy life with normal hearing.

Hearing test before operation

Hearing test after operation

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