Digital Micro-Photographic System now in Lab of Padma General Hospital with a world famous Brand OLYMPUS

Digital Micro-Photographic System: High Resolution and Accurate Colors for Documentation : A number of steps are involved in capturing high-quality digital images in the microscope, but the key to excellence in photomicrography is careful specimen preparation, a finely-tuned and aligned microscope and digital imaging equipment that is performing to specifications. Our Digital Micro-Photographic system can capture excellent digital images of drill cuttings through our digital camera adapter lens which is manufactured by Olympus.


Today’s digital cameras are an indispensable tool in microscopy systems. The need to reliably acquire clear crisp images is vital to every microscopist. No one understands this better than Olympus with its long and successful history in microscopy and lens design. Based on exceptional knowledge in opto-digital technology, Olympus has developed a comprehensive range of digital cameras that covers the vast array of applications in materials science.


> High image quality and reliable color reproduction with 5.05-megapixel high-resolution CCD.
> Streamline documentation procedures with high frame-rate live capture.

High quality image design optimized for documentation :

  • 5.05-megapixel high-definition CCD :

Equipped with an exceptional 5.05-megapixel CCD, the digital camera captures images at up to 2448 x 1920 pixel resolution. Large areas captured at low magnification offer exceptionally vivid clarity, even when enlarged several times.

  • Excellent color reproduction :

Precise reproduction of fine structures and subtle color differences allows areas of interests on the monitor to be identified with an accuracy equivalent to observation through microscope.

  • 15 frames per second under high resolution :

It provides a fast and smooth live image at the 5.05 megapixel resolution, for quick and effortless panning and focusing. Even when working at Full HD resolution, a comfortably fast live image at 22 frames per second is available. As the non-compressed image is able to reproduce images with absolutely no degradation in quality, operators make simple focusing and framing.

  • Three color modes :

Three color modes are provided, enabling the operator to tailor the image to suit the requirements of different applications. By selecting one of the three preset modes, optimum images can be acquired under various samples and observations without having to change all the settings each time.


High Fidelity mode

Reliable color reproduction equivalent to microscope observation.

Normal mode

Enhanced color facilitates acquisition of even pale stained specimens.

Cell culture mode

Dedicated to phase contrast and DIC observations.

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