Operation Theater

We have a spacious Operation Theater complex which comprises of five modular operation theaters, with a total floor space of up to 11,000 sq. ft. There are separate Post-Operative Wards for males and females. We also boast of having the most ultra-modernanaesthetic work station. We have OT tables from Brazil, all OT lighting has been sourced from Canada and anaesthesia workstation from Germany.

(Ultra-modern Emergency OT, Orthopedic OT, General OT, GyNAe OT, Special & Neuro OT)
In order to provide our patients with the best treatment, we have taken the initiative to invest in the latest and most advanced OT technology. We have sourced our equipment from the most reputable global suppliers such as Philips (Netherlands) and DV Lab (USA) with full back-up service to ensure 24/7 reliability in the services that we provide.

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