Padma General Hospital has a team of doctors who provide medical care for patients with solid organ tumors and blood related cancers. The consultants are highly qualified and have been trained at some of the best institutes in the country. The hospital provides the highest standards of care, where consultants practice evidence based medicine and follow international treatment protocols.

The hospital offers screening and investigation for various cancers along with chemotherapy. chemotherapy is provided as a daycare service in majority of the cases and central lines (Chemo-ports) are placed to enable pain free and uninterrupted chemotherapy.

The department provides care for a wide range of malignancies in both adult and pediatric patients. Procedures in children are done under sedation to minimize pain and anxiety, with appropriate monitoring. Patient and family are involved in discussing treatment options, which are tailor made for each patient. Cancer management is multidisciplinary and frequent meetings with associated consultants are arranged to help the patient understand the treatment plan better. The main focus is on organ conservation surgery to improve quality of life without affecting the chances of cure.


Treatments and Procedures:
• Diagnosis and staging of cancers
• Diagnostic procedures like biopsy and paracentesis
• Diagnosis and management of myeloproliferative disorders, hematologic malignancies like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma
• Diagnosis and management of all anemias including nutritional, hemolytic anemias, bone marrow failure syndromes and clotting disorders
• Chemotherapy and medical management of cancers
• Treatment of side effects of chemotherapy
• Pain management
• Palliative care for advanced cancers

Screening for cancers
• Colonoscopy for colorectal cancers
• Mammography for breast cancers
• Breast self- examination
• Pap test for cervical cancers
• PSA test for prostate cancers

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