The Maxillo-facial surgery department at Padma General Hospital offers surgery for diseases and disorders of the mouth, face and jaws, including management of trauma and tumours of the face and mouth.

The consultants are well experienced and trained in some of the best institutes in Bangladesh and abroad. They practice evidence-based medicine and use internationally accepted protocols for management of diseases. .

Treatments and Procedures:

• Fracture fixation of all facial bones
• Orthognathic surgery
• Facial deformity corrections including protrusive jaws, protrusive and gummy teeth, facial implants to augment deficient areas
• Correction of facial birth defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate
• Salivary gland diseases including tumors
• Birthmarks (hemangiomas)
• Diagnosis and management of facial pain and jaw joint disorders
• Management of facial trauma
• Management of tumors of the face and mouth
• Micro-vascular free flap reconstruction
• Reconstruction of the jaw and replacement of teeth with implants.
• Restoring mouth opening of people suffering from oral sub-mucous fibrosis

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