Limb Physiotherapy

53 years old male presented to ER of Padma general Hospitals limited with a history of sudden weakness of left side followed by severe headache in a semiconscious state for 6 hours. CT scan showed a Right parietal spontaneous ICH. Hematoma volume was about 90 ml. CT angiogram showed no vascular pathology. Admission GCS was E3V3M6. Did a right decompressive hemicraniectomy and evacuated the hematoma completely within 4 hours of admission. Clot was sent to histopathology. Immediate post operative scan showed adequate decompression. Extubated 5 hours post peratively with GCS of E4V5M6. Right hemeplegia improved to grade 3 in upper limb and grade 4 in lower limb. Shifted to floor at day 1. Limb physiotherapy started. Hopefully he will improve to a near normal life. Will plan a cranioplasty after 4 to 6 weeks.

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