Padma General Hospital’s construction work had started within the year 1997 and completed in 1999.
This hospital started outdoor service in 12 November 1999 and indoor service in 16 June 1999.

The objectives of this hospital, to provide medical treatment for all citizens of the country, to provide emergency and life-saving treatment to the road traffic accident victims of the nearby area, provide “on job training’’ to the internees and practical training.

This hospital is a nine storied building including one basements. It has 2000 sq. feet area, whose 100% percent are now being used. This 100 bedded hospital remains occupied with 200-250 indoor patients every day.

In the indoor, Padma General Hospital is also providing service on some specialties like Oncology, Nephrology, Urology, Hepatology, Burn and Plastic surgery. In Operation theater service, we are performing operations of all subjects included Neuro, Cardiac and chest surgery.

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Padma General Hospital-290 Sonargaon Road Dhaka-1205-103 Veeruttam C.R.dotto Road