Waiting inside a hospital can be exhausting and unsettling. For the convenience of our visitors, Padma General Hospital has several cafeterias scattered across the Hospital’s floors to minimize the inconvenience of having to move from floor to floor in search of snacks and refreshments. Our cafeterias will cater for diverse tastes and will enable us to make your stay or visit as refreshing as possible.
The cafeterias have been designed with the well being and health of our patients and visitors in mind and offer a range of delicious snacks that are healthy too, in line with our aim of encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the community while at the same time meeting the diversity in tastes among our valued patrons. It is our goal to ensure that Padma General Hospital is not just another hospital, but a place that is both relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

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Padma General Hospital-290 Sonargaon Road Dhaka-1205-103 Veeruttam C.R.dotto Road