Blood Transfusion Services (Blood Bank) is the vital part of modern health care system without which efficient medical care is impossible. It is a complex department requiring careful designing and management.

The aim of a Blood Bank department is to provide effective blood and blood components, which are as safe as possible, and adequate to meet the patients need. The department uses state-of-art technology and stringent quality control protocols to ensure timely supply of the safest possible blood and blood components.

The Blood component preparation Laboratory is a state of the art laboratory that is well equipped with latest instruments.

Blood Transfusion Services:

Location – Ground Floor, Block C
For Appointment – ( )
Dept. Timings – 24 hrs
Blood Donation Time – 9 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 8 pm
List of Consultants –

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For Admission&Appointment

For Emergency&Ambulance

Padma General Hospital-290 Sonargaon Road Dhaka-1205-103 Veeruttam C.R.dotto Road