24/Hours Pharmacy Service

Padma General Hospital is rich in medicine stock and has a large pool of pharmacies with full service centralized with out-patient and in-patient hospital pharmacies. Padma General Hospital Pharmacy is fully equipped to cater to the medication needs of its customers round-the-clock. Services are provided for all in-patients, as well as those patients served by our out-patient service departments and clinics. Padma General Hospitals Pharmacy in left site of ground floor

Our pharmacies are distinguished in quality because of the following:

• All medicines are brought straight from the manufacturing company not via any company.
• All medicines are maintained at room temperature.
• Special discounts for patients (5%)
• There are no fake medicines. All medicines are verified.
• There are specially trained pharmacists and sales people who dispense medicines and provide advice on taking the medicines.
• Outdoor pharmacies give 24-hr service
• Every effort is made to ensure the availability of medicines
• Surgical items are given at very reasonable price which cannot be found anywhere else especially by indoor supply.
• We maintain properly the shelf-life of medicines. That is, there is no chance of expired or near expiry of medicines.

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